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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I love him....

Hubby, that is.

Rewind back to Sunday. He turned 27 Sunday. We had mommy-daddy time and went to see a movie. The Dark Knight, if you haven't yet seen it, is a MUST see in the theaters. I am sure it will be wonderful on your HDTV with surround sound, but there's nothing creepier than seeing Heath Ledger on the big screen in all his freaking creepy glory! That movie was awesome. We then went to Gordon Bierch, and despite sharing a beer sampler and having a glass each, it didn't ruin my diet. LOL.... we talked about a lot of things we don't typically talk about, being kid free and all. it was nice, and a great refresher for us. Just those few hours made me realize we need to do it more often.

Then yesterday, it was like a new life started. We made some pretty big decisions this last weekend for our family and future, and I think that sparked something in him. On my way home from work, after a miserable terrible day of emotions for me, while on the phone with him, he exploded. Not at me at all, but about everything holding us down or back. About all the nonsense going on right now. He took a pretty large stand on some things, while in the past he would just sit back and be quiet. He got serious about our financial situation and financial future, he made his stand on the issue with a certain 'family' member who is harming the wellness and happiness of my mom, us 4 'kids' and my kids, he put his foot down on some of the pain I have been going through lately with friendships, and said it was time to start either repairing or purging the shit in our lives. He reminded me of all the wonderful things coming up that our energy should be going towards. We are going to Disney soon, he has an AMAZING opportunity going to the midwest for a week to train a large group of people there on new procedures, I am heading to Sacramento to help some not-so-stranger-friends throw a baby shower for my always faithful Bestie, we have holidays with my babies which offer a new experience every year they grow older, I have THREE shows with my business that will be sure to wipe out my hard worked on inventory with my business, we have ANOTHER (yes, another) trip to Disney planned with my family, my daughter is turning 4, and we are moving into a new home! WOW, the next 4 months really do have a lot of positives to focus on. And while we have been sitting here letting other people get to us, we have lost sight of what is truly important. He helped me to see all too blatantly clear who in our family, and who in our friends, are ones who are truly there because they want to be. The ones who truly care to be involved.

It's time to be strong. It's time to put on our tunnel vision and not focus on all the stuff that doesn't want to be on our path with us. Hubby has really taken a stand on our family, and for that I am more grateful than anyone could realize. I am going to follow him in this stand and feed off his strength. He really is a great guy. And his hugs are priceless. ;)

So, I spent some time last night. I asked God to help me with forgiveness, which is easy for me for some friends but a HUGE feat when it comes to one man in particular. I have put it in my heart to truly make an effort to try and forgive those who have attacked me or ones I love, those who have accused me or ones I love, those who have hurt me or the ones I love, those who have judged me or ones I love. Carrying the bitterness and anger or offense to those things are unhealthy and junk up my ability to follow God and His plan.

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Unknown said...

What an amazing guy. You are blessed for sure!