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Monday, November 3, 2008

Arizona Propositions 2008

I would love for you to read my blog if you have stumbled here, but before you move on, open your mind. My tolerance for narrow mindedness has ran out as of late. I have made my decisions based on deep desires in my heart, based on tons of considerations on BOTH sides of the spectrum, and based on the future that I hope to see.

Tomorrow I have a post coming all about my presidential pick and some important reasons for it. But for today, I want to post on the propositions. These always annoyed me in the past because the commercial interfered with my TV shows and the signs with my scenery, but being my 3rd election now and seeing how these things affect me, I have taken a deeper interest. The urgency on this election has forced many Americans, including myself, to be involved and persistent about voicing our opinions. Times are bad, terrible, and only we can change it!

Arizona 100 Protect Our Homes: YES.... adding additional tax to a home sale will only further hurt the already hurting Americans. The government benefits, the mortgage companies aren't affected, but this would only hurt homeowners. Aren't we struggling enough???

Arizona 101 Medical Choice for AZ: NO.... This stops any future reform when it comes to Arizona Health care. This is a dangerous choice. It doesn't HELP anyone acquire health care, it just prevents Arizona from telling you what to do. This proposition isn't spelled out enough, it is leaving WAY too many loose ends. Once perfected and thorough, I would reconsider.

Arizona 102 Marriage Protection Amendment: NO... (preface: I am not gay) Same sex marriage isn't legal in Arizona, that's already a fact, can't we leave it at that? To amend the constitution to say marriage is for a man and woman will only put a stop on the future and possibly hurt any opportunities for same sex couples to be given rights. This is a moral issue for me. If I choose to be gay, it is not up to the suits in office to tell me it is right or wrong. Let's not hastily alter what was laid down by our forefathers (the constitution) due to some peoples opinions of morally 'right'. And to get really nitty gritty about it, I have seen some homosexual relationships that were more loving, committed and honest than some heterosexual relationships. I am not for stopping the opportunity for the in the future. If my children came to me and said they fell in love with someone of the same sex, I would fight for them to have the same rights as any other heterosexual couple, and would not tolerate that the constitution that defines my country would condemn them for their lifestyle.

Arizona 105 Majority Rules: NO... I don't want it to be counted as a no vote if I don't go vote on a matter. Don't take my voice.

Arizona 200 Payday Loan Reform: I am opting out of voting on this. Although I think the rates should be lowered for people who choose to utilize payday loans, I think payday loans are snaky and only see money-grubbing suits behind these companies. I have seen people get deeper than intended because of these, only making it harder for them to survive financially.

Arizona 201 Homeowners Bill of Rights: YES... There's too many shady building practices out there. I think this may help to keep people more honest and accountable.

Arizona 202 Illegal Hiring: NO... We have a current law in place that seems to be working. The E-Verify system is keeping businesses accountable. Arizona is trying to get petty and further the law to unreasonable levels, just because the government has failed in their attempts to protect jobs. Let's leave things as-is for a while instead of giving Arpaio more reasons to keep up the racial discrimination in order to collect fines form businesses.

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