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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Clean House!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, my family is approaching the busy month of December full force! Our December never seems to slow down.

We spent a good portion of the day Spring Winter cleaning. Bathrooms, floors, ceiling fans, dusting the stuff you never think to dust, deep kitchen cleaning, laundry that never ends, etc. It is AMAZING how the tidiness of your home and change your attitude! I feel so much better when the crevices and holes are cleaned out, and there was no way I felt good leaving Wednesday for a week knowing how filthy my house was! I only have a few more punch list items to attend to before we go, but otherwise, my house is all ready for Christmas decor!

Things to look forward to in December:
  • Christmas Bonuses (PRAYING we get some!)
  • More shopping
  • Seeing Santa who 'lives by the Disney Store at the mall' -BabyGirl
  • Baking cookies with my mom and sister
  • Focusing on the now, leaving the future in the hands of God
  • Christmas Eve with my in-laws
  • Christmas day in my home with my family
  • The END of 2008, such a dreaded year!

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