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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I wanted to post this now, just minutes after the television broke to our wonderful country, in the height of my emotion.

When I saw the title on CNN "Barack Obama Elected President", I broke into immediate tears. Not the same tears I have cried so much over the past few years over finances, struggles or hardships. The kind of tears you cry when you have been given one of the most amazing gifts.

I feel hopeful for the future. I feel these next few years will be something amazing. A path in the right direction. I feel my children's future will be given a chance. I feel anything is possible.

I feel America realizes they made a mistake 4 years ago and overcompensated for that mistake by firmly choosing the right path in '08. I feel minorities and the true definition of diversity are being given a chance to shine.

Obama is exactly what we need. And I look forward to the instances he will prove this in the future!

The one problem I have found though- I have already seen plenty of people voting for the other side that have lashed out and are hurting friends and loved ones to benefit their own disappointment. It has taken 30 minutes for feelings to be hurt and highs to be burned down because there are people out there who not only disagree, but will go to petty lengths to prove they disagree. Open your minds, people. Respect those souls who believe in something different than you. You wouldn't go knocking the knees out from people practicing different religions than you, or who follow different traditions than you. Have respect for others as humans, and conclude on your own, just as you decided on your own.


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Kara said...

Yay! Congrats!

I know that one person in specific was not trying to hurt you....I have foudn for you til blue in the face and he claims it is all joking. Hopefully things calm down soon and those being negative towards your choice will back off.