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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday is Funday

Boring blog alert.

I love Sundays. But, I love them even more when we go to church. Today, we didn't go to church, mainly because LittleMan was so tired form a long Saturday with no nap that he slept until after 10a. Also, because Hubby slept in, conveniently waking with hardly enough time to get ready. Instead, I made my time missed profitable. I spent a good hour balancing my checkbook and paying bills, cut fabric for my big custom order that is in progress, and got the kids all dressed to go out by noon. We headed to the mall to walk a bit and get some lunch. Then met up with Gammy to watch the ever-so-hilarious Madagasgar 2. Before leaving the mall, BabyGirl had to give Gammy the tour of the Disney Store. I swear she could work there at 3yo and do just as good as the rest of them! On the way home, I decided today was as good day as any to make some pumpkin pies, so we walked into the house and I started working on them. The night ended with football and company. I had an extra pie and of course my brother-in-law came to take it off my hands!

Nothing too exciting to report. It was a good day though!

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