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Monday, November 24, 2008

Yet again.....

On our way out on Saturday night for a date (you know, the one every 6 months we get to do alone), we were- yet again- in an accident when a man decided to take off the front end of my brand new '08 Sienna. Wonderful..... just January we were hit by a girl who ran a red light and totalled my '06 4Runner. In May, I got my new van that we built from the tires to roof, all to our specifications. That new-car-feel only lasted a few months!

As we pulled into the right turn lane, and stopped since the light was red, Hubby glanced left to make sure it was clear to go, only to find a pearl white Escalade heading right to the front left panel of my van. He had been in the far left lane approaching the line to stop, heading the same direction as us, when he decided it was a good time to turn right. For some reason, he made the turn super sharp and narrow, hitting the front quarter panel, and continued driving on, pulling off the whole front end! If we had not been there, he would have hit the curb and signal pole- that's how sharp his turn was. I immediately, in my typical temperamental nature, jumped out of the car and freaked out on him, using choice words of course. He claimed he had new glasses and couldn't see his peripheral- although he came at us head on. I explained it was probably not smart to tell the officers that since admitting you couldn't SEE what was infront of you could cause a license to be revoked. When I asked him why he didn't turn from the turn lane he said he wasn't familiar with road. I proceeded to tell him that nowhere in the country do you turn right from the far left lane, and that right turn lanes were universal. I was in no mood for his bulls%&#. Tax dollars at work- the cops showed up 20 minutes later. We had to have our van towed and he drove away, with some scrapes and charcoal-blue paint on his car.

Seriously, I know accidents are 'accidents', but there is no excuse for stupid and negligent. So now I am left in a rental. Just 9 days before our trip to Disney, we don't have our van. And I know complaining about not having a DVD player, navigation, back-up camera, leather, etc is kinda materialistic.... BUT I pay for my van for a reason.

In spite of it all, I am grateful it was low impact, grateful we hadn't started our turn of Hubby would have been hit, and mostly grateful my kids weren't with us!


Dahlia said...

Oh yikes! I'm glad everyone is ok. You're not gonna want to hear this, but if your carseats were in the car they need to be replaced. The insurance should cover them.

Kara said...

I'm so glad that both of you are safe. I wanted to kick this guy's a$$ though....jerk!