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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our last week

Our last week is coming to a close. Last week under our current President, that is. Hopefully this is the last of the downslope of many things- financial struggles, general life hardships, foreclosures and bankruptcy, consumer insecurity, declining healthcare programs, stagnant education systems, closing businesses..... and the list goes on.

I struggle to remember a positive point over the last 8 years of leadership that didn't turn out to be a farse, but I am sure my search for positive leadership points is soon to end- as it will be blatently obvious before my eyes. Obama.

I read an article on Yahoo today that reminded me, yet again, why I love Obama so much. I truly and seriously feel like this man is looking out for the best interest of ME and MY FAMILY. I feel a personal, direct connection to this person, like he stands up and says "MommaV, WE can do it!", yet I have never met him face to face.

This article is a reminder to me that he is, aside from being a President, a father that fiercly loves his daughters. The desire he has for his daughters to achieve success and be given equal opportunities is the same desire parents accross the country have for their own children, including me. His focus on the well-being of humanity is clear, and his involvement in making his desires a reality is obvious.

SO needless to say, I am extremely excited to watch the ceremonies on Tuesday, and will be in prayer that the athiest groups in California do not win the "SO HELP ME GOD" battle!

Although, Dubyah did give us some comedy, aiding in the decline of our reputation as a country... and that I will miss!

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