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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Loma Linda Called

I got a call from Loma Linda today. The transplant coordinator over there was such a sweet and gentle sounding man. He said he worked closely with Sharon, the transplant coordinator here, and that we would begin compatibility testing as soon as the other hospital was done reviewing her chart. He assured me they would want to see her, but we could do most preliminary testing over here in Arizona and get her on the donor list before we had to move there. It really wasn't a phone call with loads of information, but it was reassuring to finally hear word from them, that they reviewed her chart, agreed with the diagnosis and that transplant was the only treatment in her case. The reassurance and confirmation from them firmed the faith I had in my panel of 20 doctors here. I was prepared to wait 2-3 weeks like they told me it would be, but in a weeks time they got back to me.

We are still on cruise control. My best friend asked me if I was impatient waiting. I told her not really. I would ideally like to freeze time right now and not have to face whats to come, but I know its inevitable and has to happen. I am soaking in all the time I have as a normal family right now, and will take each step as it comes. Doesn't mean I'm not fearful of something happening in the interum, but I know God will protect us and the sensitive timing of the situation to make sure Gabriella is tended to and given new life.

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