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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why did it take so long???

My title is for both myself and my updating habits, as well as the doctors office and their follow-up call.

First, before anything, I need to give a special thank you out to everyone who has contacted us in one form or another, strangers and family alike. The support we were shown was just amazing, and appreciated. So from Hubby and I, thank you.

BabyGirl jumped back like a spring. The 3-5 days we expected of her not being herself turned into one evening. Saturday she woke up with a happy aura about her, and it was difficult keeping her calm and still. She felt good, which was a good sign. She played and spent the day relaxing. Sunday she was even better, so we went to get pedicures and spent the day with more family! We started the beta-blocker med they gave us on Saturday night and over the course of the week following, we could notice it was working. Her coughing disappeared, which made me think her heart was relaxing enough to let blood flow through to her lungs like it should.

The doctor wants to meet with us on Monday to go over the results. I know that is where we make our decision as to whether or not we do surgery, and we will then be referred to a cardiac surgeon. I have had time to gather my thoughts and emotions to better take care of my daughter. Once in a while I will see something or say something that reminds me of the cruel reality of it all, but I need to keep my mind straight since this is merely the beginning.

On a lighter note, BabyGirl has been suffering also from what I call Diva-itis. All the attention and spoiling resulted in some major Diva-tude, which I am currently looking into medication for. ;)


Karen said...

Many (((HUGS))) and prayers, sweetie... I'm glad the meds seem to be helping. Waiting with you for the next round...

Anonymous said...

So, so glad that the meds seem to be working so well. I am thinking about you a lot. xxx