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Friday, July 31, 2009

Round 3: Delay of game

I was REALLY looking forward to having all the evaluation testing done by the end of July, for tons of reasons. Our metabolic stress test was scheduled for yesterday.... BUT paul got a head cold that settled into a cough last weekend, I aquired it by Monday and Gabriella was lucky enough to get it from us by Tuesday/Wednesday. Due to her fever and cough, I had to reschedule it. Due to our narrow timeframe for needing to get things done, I had very few options for appointments! One was for today, which I declined due to prior plans we had, and one was for next Wednesday at 730am! I took the Wednesday appointment and then called Sharon, the transplant coordinator here, and she squeezed me into 1230p for the appointment. SO Gabriella's stress test is now scheduled for next Wednesday at 1230p!

Sharon was also going to follow up with a few calls to Loma Linda to get this appointment scheduled, now that most of the testing is in. I will post as soon as we have that appointment!!!

I also got a call and email from Chris, the head of Gabriella's wish team!!!!! She sent me over an informative email with some questions and we are planning a night to meet up. It's looking like Monday night might be the night we meet up, and they bring her favorite meal and drink and some little gifts! How AMAZING have they been already?!? Everyone is so loving and kind in this organization! We have to gather some information for her and make copies of some things to get the process rolling quicker. I so desperately want Gabriella to have a wish granted before this transplant, for so many reasons. Besides the negatives I won't even go into thinking about, after the transplant she won't be able to go to large public settings or travel far distances. And goodness knows if we could EVER manage to take her someone as wonderful as Make a Wish can grant for her!!! Can't wait to see what she wishes! We have been very cautious to not say too much to her, and we plan on using the color book MAW sent us as a discussion piece this weekend to give her some ideas.

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