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Monday, August 17, 2009

Loma Linda next week

Everything is taking form finally. We have our first appointment with Loma Linda on Tuesday the 25th at 9am. We will meet that day for the intake interview and with the social worker. We will also meet cardiologists on wednesday and go to Clinic on Thursday. Right now they are working on getting us set up with somewhere to stay those days, and getting it all scheduled!

I had a long conversation with the social worker last week, and she seems to have tons of resources and information for us! She told me some things I wasn't expecting, and others I was already ahead on. I won't get into the details we talked about, because it will all go into detail when we meet face to face. But I will share it all post-meeting!

Gabriella has been doing really well the past week or so. I am so grateful! She worked so hard through testing, I am glad her body isn't being too hard on her right now!

Please just pray for health, peace and mercy on our family. We could really use it.

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