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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SortaCrunchy Online Event


Many times in the past, I have dedicated so much of my parenting quirks and success to my "mommy friends". A group of women I was involved with online starting mid-2004 as we all discovered and prepared for our January 2005 babies! I have come from those message boards with some of the most fantastic relationships. I have so many friends from so many different lifestyles and regions of the world. Every single one of them means so much to me because they are all part of the building blocks of my motherhood.

One mom, who writes one the most fantastic and uplifting blogs, contacted me wanting to help after Gabriella had her stroke. She is so patient, loving and faithful... and it is so easy to feed off of her energy. I cannot help but to think positive when I talk to her or read her blog. When someone approaches me, wanting to do a fundraiser for Gabriella, I never quite know what to say or how to say it. I have never been one who 'receives' well... I would much rather give. It fills my heart, because I DO understand the act of the fundraiser itself is an act of love and the way people want to help from a distance, but I feel so awkward accepting. I spread the word on my blog so the person arranging it gets the support their hard work and efforts deserve, but feel so weird doing it. I am trying to keep telling myself that no matter how many times I think to myself that we can do this on our own, and we do not want to ask for help, we truly do need the help. I tell myself God will provide the means and finances for deductibles, co pays, medical travel, living essentials, etc.... but I have come to realize God is providing that through people's willingness to arrange support for Gabriella, in conjunction with Him teaching us about this simplified lifestyle where we do not need to indulge in things we don't need. Tangent, I know... but I was lead there and felt compelled to write what I was thinking.

ANYWAYS, through her blog she has arranged a raffle for Gabriella. Selling 'virtual tickets' to win a multitude of amazing prizes! Please visit her blog to see everything she has to offer! And if you cannot participate at this time, don't feel obligated! But I DO encourage you to read her past blogs! She is a fantastic writer!

Please click here to visit Sorta Crunchy, and tell a friend! But most of all, our deepest appreciations for always being either a financial, emotional OR spiritual support!

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