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Monday, November 2, 2009


There have been a few of my mommy friends who had sent care packages in the hospital and a BUNCH of 'strangers' that have responded to a local friend's call for support and have been sending Gabriella cards and postcards to perk her up since we have been home. I cannot even begin to say how much it means to me, and how every little card or goodie for Gabriella puts such a smile on her face. I wish I had the time and could send back a 'thank you' card to everyone, so please accept my thank you here!

One special thing I am so excited to brag about! Rewind back to last week. I got an email that popped up on my handheld external brain that said I was chosen to receive a 'free deserving spa day' and was nominated by my friend Heather. I had to call her to make sure it was legit, because it came as such a surprise! Sure enough, it was true, and I called to make my appointment! The times they gave were narrow, and of course conflicted with all of Gabriella's therapies. I managed to work one in on a light therapy day. I went in and got a completely complimentary facial, massage with hot stones and hair wash and style! It was absolutely fantastic and I realized after how much I needed the quiet and calm and relaxation! I don't think I have ever had a better facial OR massage! I seriously felt like a noodle afterwards!!! It was honestly a fantastic one time opportunity, and probably won't be able to do anything like that again for decades! So thank you, Heather! It was so thoughtful to nominate me and I love you!

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