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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Neurology Follow-Up

We went on the 23rd to our follow-up Neurology appointment. When we met back in October with Kaplan, we expected to come in December and quit the Lovenox and schedule the MRI. This is not quite what happened....

We spoke a bit about her progress. Said that since she has retrieved over a dozen words so far, he sees no reason she won't get back a full vocabulary eventually. It might take years, but will happen. Her arm is probably close to its full potential, but we should continue to work with it and keep those muscles working and nerves firing to help them become a bit more automatic. He said she looks fantastic for being 3months post-stroke.

Dr Kaplan then went on to talk about the Lovenox. Said he didn't feel comfortable taking her off of it quite yet, because he was leaving for a 3 week vacation. He said he didn't feel comfortable if we took her off and she stroked again while he was gone. SO we are keeping her on it until mid-January. We have an appointment scheduled for his first day back in the office and will get her off the Lovenox then and schedule the MRI. This, again, delays her listing. It is looking like FEBRUARY is now a more realistic estimate.

He gave me the option of calling Cardiology and asking if they were comfortable to monitor him while he was gone, to go off Lovenox immediately. I called Cardiology and they agreed with him, that keeping on it while he is away is safest.

I have to admit, this waiting is getting ridiculous. The original delay was all the testing and scheduling being spread out. The second delay was her stroke, unavoidable. But this delay is just irritating me! I want her on this list and get her sparkly new heart so she can start the road to this new journey in life. And I want it to happen before something major happens to her heart.

(negative moment is passed)

So we will be in hopes and prayers that everything continues to be in God's timing!

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