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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Zoo Day

Back in May, we were given a pack of passes to the Phoenix Zoo and decided there was no better time than December to go! The weather here is a fantastic 60-70 degrees and the sun is actually bearable to be in! We went on a weekday, and it was as if we had the zoo to ourselves! We probably didn't pass 25 different people in total the whole day. Aside from me being completely freaked out about the petting zoo and germies there, it was a blast. And Gabriella had the BEST time petting the stong rays! It's her favorite thing to do!

Enjoy the overload of pictures from our day! Click the monkey to view the album (thanks 'Mixed Nuts'.... I'm stealing your album sharing technique because its super convenient.... lol)


1 comment:

tootermagoo said...

Those are some of the best zoo pics I have ever seen! It looks like you were in the enclosures with the animals! I love the album share - super handy! :)