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Friday, February 19, 2010

An anonymous question I got on

I was asked this anonymously.... and thought it was a great one to share! Please go here to ask me anything:

"If you you could spend the day with the child whose heart will one day go to your daughter, would you?"

Thats deep... it is kinda like asking "If you have the option to know when it is you will die, would you like to know?"

Of course, spending time with him/her would be extremely heartbreaking- knowing they were not going to live, but that is a fear I live anyways... everyday with my Gabriella.

But the answer for me is easy and sincere.... yes. If it were even remotely possible to know who it would be, I would love to be with that child. Like I blogged, whoever the donor is will not die BECAUSE of Gabriella, Gabriella will live because of them and the necessity of God's divine plan. And to actually know that child, experience their personality, and form that living bond... that would be priceless. To think of the legacy that could be carried on by Gabriella and I actually knowing about them in human flesh... just amazing. I have such a passion to always keep the donor's spirit alive and always tell the story. To always include him/her in Gabriella's story, so that the importance of their gift, and reality of the fact that they were a living and impactful vessel of God, can always remain as real as Gabriella's survival is real.

Thank you so much for asking me that!!

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