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Monday, March 8, 2010

Super Ultra Cuteness

I decided 2 things this weekend. 1- I made 2 of the most amazing and adorable kids on the planet and 2- Rachael Earl is a goddess with a camera.

My friend Andrea, Owens mom, entered our name into a photo session giveaway and we won it way back when! It took a while to get this session scheduled because everything for so long post-stroke was hectic, and then the holidays, and getting her listed... blah blah blah. Anyways, we finally got the session scheduled and had our pictures done this Saturday!!


I am, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, going back to Rachael in the future for more family pictures. Her style, ability to capture personality, and laid back structure of the pictures is just absolutely perfect! And she is such a sweetheart to boot!


(Family, no worries. I will have prints to share with everyone in a few weeks! If anyone out there wants some pictures, please comment here or email me and I'll make it happen!)


LeAnna said...

I know you do not know me but I'm a friend of Jeff Palmer. I've been following your progress since Gabriella had her stroke. You and your family have been in our constant prayers.

I must say these pictures are ultra super cute!!! My favorites are picture numbers 18, 35,60,106 and 109. When I saw the first picture of your family and the hearts I had to take a deep breath so I wouldn't cry. Then the beautiful picture of Gabriella holding the heart and her brother looking on, that did it for me. She has such a beautiful expression on her face. I hope these pictures hang in your house for many years to come!! Our prayers are with you.


cici said...

So Precious and uplifting.
(Your Lookin "hot" Mama!) ;)
Thanks for sharing with us.

Andrea Gunnell said...

I LOVE all of those pictures. She sure did an amazing job. I'm sure you will cherish these for many years!!!