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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gabriella's arm

OK! Good news! Loma Linda approved the med today that out rehab doctor prescribed Gabriella last week! You can read more about that appointment on the Journeys in Speech post from last week.

He prescribed Baclofen for her, and Loma Linda feels it to be a safe pre-transplant med. Her arm issue is what he called spasticity, which is where the nerves tell the muscles to constantly contract. The doctor seems to think her stroke damage might have slightly affected the basal ganglia... in turn causing this spasticity. This explains why her fingers are most often curled, especially when she goes to isolate her fine motor skill finger movement. She curls her fingers to pinch at something small or hold something in her hand, and he told us it is because they are over tightening. It is something that is present in people with cerebal palsy or multiple sclerosis... but in Gabriella's case is an acquired disorder in result of her stroke.

As I read about Spasticity, I am discovering that it does in fact involve speech in some cases. This makes me want to go to the pharmacy and fill the Rx, like, now. I can't wait to see what this does to help her! And for the record, yes, I have done research on the med myself... :)

Speaking of speech... here are Gabriellas 3 newest words! Excuse her super amazing hair. She can't help how awesome it is in the mornings.

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The Hopeful Elephant said...

I adore this!

The baclofen is amazing!

Sending lots of prayers and love to you and Gabriella daily...cuz I love you so much!