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Thursday, April 22, 2010

NDLM - How to become a donor

Whether you are religious or not, wealthy or poor, the one thing we all share in common as living beings is that we will all die. We secure certain things to prepare for that event. Some people have their funeral paid for and every detail chosen. Some people write a will to delegate out their possessions to people they love. Some people purchase life insurance to their family is left with an inheritance.

Becoming a donor is like securing life insurance or writing a will. You are preparing a decision, in the event of your death, you want something to happen. Can you imagine, that not only did you secure financial security and delegate your items to people you loved, but you also can potentially save the lives of 50 people??

It is simple to become a donor. You can click on the banner below and register with Donate Life America. You can register while renewing your drivers license. You can carry a Donor Card in your wallet. And regardless of which form you use to register, inform your family of your decision. While telling them about your decision and why you chose that, you are planting the seed for others to become donors!

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Wendy said...

We just redid our wills and we were able to put in our wills that we want our organs donated. Here in Ontario you can carry a card with your drivers license AND recently they have started keeping an electronic copy of your wishes attached to your OHIP (universal health care card) so that hospitals have that information and can share with families your wishes (if for some reason you haven't). We're trying to make it known in all places possible that these are our wishes so if the time ever comes, our families can know with great confidence that we want our organs donated.

Before Chris was born I don't think Ben and I had talked about organ donation formally. And then when he went in for his emergency heart surgery we ended up having to talk about donating his organs should he not make it (a very surreal conversation at the time). It really made us aware on a whole new level the need to have these discussions and share with family.

Thank you for raising awareness!