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Saturday, April 10, 2010

NDLM - Organ Matching

I posted back in March an entry all about organ matching. It can be found HERE.

I also found a great read from Donate Life America that lays it all out very simply! Check it out HERE.

Some interesting tidbits from Donate Life America:
  • A living organ donor can give a kidney, or a portion of the liver, lung, intestine, or pancreas
  • A deceased organ donor can give kidneys, pancreas, liver, lungs, heart, intestinal organs
  • Only 30% of kids who need a transplant actually get it
  • Unlike organs, tissues can be donated up to 24 hours after a person's heart has stopped beating.
  • Every 11 minutes another name is added to the national organ transplant waiting list.
  • An average of 18 people die each day from the lack of available organs for transplant.
  • In 2008, there were 7,984 deceased organ donors and 6,218 living organ donors resulting in 27,961 organ transplants.
  • 90% of Americans say they support donation, but only 30% know the essential steps to take to be a donor.

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2ndheartmom said...

I just posted an organ donation post on my blog too! I will put a link to yours in the comments section of mine as you have many more statistics than I have in mine, but wanted to let you know! Mine is at:

I will be following your blog!