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Monday, May 3, 2010

Another question answered: How do I feel about 'strangers?'

from another anonymous question....

How do you honestly feel about the people you have "met" either via Facebook or Twitter, wanting to meet you and your family, or who offer to help? I know I have been personally touched by Gabriella's story and in a small way feel like I know you.

I firmly believe through this process that God has placed people in our lives in a way to bless us.

I have never been opposed to meeting people online. I think caution and just using your brains is a good way to stay safe. I met my best friend online in the summer 2004 on a preggo mommy website. I also met 60+ other women who have become strong towers in my life at the same time. I met my best friend in person a year later, and quite a few of the other moms over the years. I have had 'strangers' come up to me because they recognized me or Gabriella from the blog, and though it is a little weird (I can;t imagine celebrities!) I think it is fabulous to meet the people who love my daughter and follow her story. I have met in person a few other heart moms that I met online. The literal sense of meeting people from online doesn't bother me too much, but I am cautious for sure.

In a more emotional sense, I can honestly say that people I 'meet' online are such an important part of our journey. Grasping the concept that there are people out there who have never even met us, can care so deeply for the wellbeing and life of my baby is indescribable. It is the whole idea of selflessness. It is super easy to have compassion and care for your own family or friends, but to lend a part of your heart to a complete stranger out of compassion and concern is beautiful, and exactly what Jesus did. People who want to help Gabriella or us either monetarily or emotionally are taking something very valuable that is theirs and choosing to give. In 2010, how many selfless acts of kindness do you really see on a weekly basis? This whole experience with Gabriella has opened my eyes to how beautiful people can be. Choosing to give either hard earned money as a donation, time in helping with something, or prayers when they themselves have plenty on their own mind is a CHOICE people make, and I firmly believe with all my soul that God smiles every time someone does so.

We pray for all of the love and support that people have given to us. We feel the embrace of everyones prayers and well wishes. It keeps us going knowing that at any given time, someone somewhere is thinking of Gabriella and lifting her in prayer or positive energy!

So, bottom line... I love you all for loving my Gabriella. *sniff sniff* THANK YOU!

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