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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gabriellas 1st biopsy

So post transplant kids get frequent biopsies of the heart to test for rejection. They go in through a femoral artery and take a sample of the heart tissue and test it. The results take about 24hours to get back. Based on that, they can determine the level of rejection, 0 being none and 4 being most severe rejection.

Gabriellas biopsy was scheduled to be Tuesday morning, but the doctor just called and had a cancellation for tomorrow morning! SO, Gabriella will be put under general anesthesia and have her very first heart biopsy. She might be discharged to our local temporary home as soon as Wednesday!

PLEASE pray for her through the procedure, and that she shows 0 rejection. She has recovered so well and is so full of life right now, I think her and her new sparkly heart love each other.


Mindy said...

GOOD LUCK !!! I am sure her sparkly heart is doing just fine and its spitting out big fat goose eggs !!!

Unknown said...

Prayers for a big, fat ZERO on her biopsy report. One of our babies, Wyatt, has been on the Berlin Heart for over 7 months. He is scheduled to go to the OR at 1 p.m. EDT today to get his new heart. I am praying for a surgery and recovery as miraculous as Gabriella's!