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Friday, June 25, 2010

Over the past week....

I wanted to post this separate from the biopsy entry. There is so much to be thankful for that these little hurdles don't need to pollute the good news.

Firstly, Gabriella's lovely 'zipper' had went from an open wound, to a light pink, to white and healing, to bright red and raised in 5 weeks. It seems as if she is having some keloid formation. Not a big deal, and nothing that will cause issues, but it is a cosmetic thing. We have ordered some silicone strips her doctor recommended and are hoping they get here soon to try! I need to control this now though before they grow too much because they have grown super quick over the last week!

Gabriella was also experiencing a high heart rate for about a week. They call this tachycardia. The heart rate of most transplant kids is slower, but hers was beating over 140 times a minute. This was potentially a first sign of rejection, but could have been many other things, too. Since her biospy showed no rejection, it was most likely dehydration or stress of another kind, possibly even pain she wasn't expressing. Some people post transplant have a typically high heart rate, meaning it is their normal range, but this wasn't the case for Gabriella. It started to get higher at the end of may and shot up again last week, but for whatever reason (wink, wink) it has gone back down! The doctors will watch this and maybe put her on a beta blocker to help her keep it at a healthy range. Could you imagine this girl on an energy drink???

She is also having nightly headaches. This means I get to purchase another piece of medical equipment, a blood pressure cuff! LOL.... The doctor wants to know what her BP is in the morning and again at evenings when her headaches seem to arise. They could be a side effect of the cyclosporine, but I am praying this isn't the case!

But really, when I see her with so much stamina and SO happy, it makes me forget these little hindrances. :)


Suzy said...

I'm so, so glad, Kristi!! xxx Thanks for your message!

Mindy said...

I am sorry to hear of some of the issues she is having , but it all sounds like things that can be managed. Gabriella and her whole family are one tough cookies !

cici said...

Sounds like your little doll is trying to adjust to all her new blood flow. My sister had heart surgery at age 68 to repair a hole in her heart since birth, no one knew about it, hard to believe huh? She had a high heart rate after her surgery, but with time and the right combo of meds she is "kickin" at age 78 ;)
I'm sorry these little bloopers keep popping up for Gabriella, but as long as she has zero rejection she will get through it all in no time.
She stays in my prayers and you do too.

Cari said...

I am keloid queen. I have lost count how many I have. I usually get cortisone shots in mine. Not the best feeling, but it flattens them out. There is also a liquid my plastic surgeon gave me that you actually paint on that seemed to help too. Just a thought. Im interested in those silicone strips...crazy how fast medical technology changes. Thank goodness!