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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


A thank you to Paul Cardall for posting this picture on his blog. I had to share it... no words are really necessary.

Image:Security by David Bowman


Strawberry said...


The Simmons Family said...

That is one I would hang in my daughters room!! Love it.

Unknown said...

Paul & Kristi,
You all are always in our prayers. You are truly an amazing family. Tell Gabriella Ris & her mommy said hi. Best wishes & prayers to you. We miss you!

Elma, Jr. & Ris Cavazos

Danielle said...

I'm LDS, and since Paul Cardall is too, I actually first heard about him from a church, and about his heart story from a newsletter from an LDS bookstore.

This is one of my favorite paintings from their store. The same artist also has another painting with the Savior holding a little boy who is putting his finger on the Savior's nose. I have that one, but when I went to buy pictures for Lorelei, they were out of this one!