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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

Prepping this post, I went back and looked at Halloween 2008 and Halloween 2009 and cannot believe not only how much my babies have changed, but how different our lives were at each Halloween. 2008 we were none the wiser of the ride we were about to take, just living our typical life. 2009 we were just 2 weeks post-stroke and had no clue what the future held for our Gabriella. This year was definitely the best, not because we did anything amazing but because we were able to just enjoy it with our new outlook on life and 2 typical children! I have an overwhelming strong feeling this holiday season will be one for the memories. All holidays before were great, but our take on life is so different now.... it allows us to experience in a different way. And being that we aren't in a constant state of fear for Gabriella's survival like we were last year, this Thanksgiving/ Christmas/ New Year is forcasted to be amazing.

From Halloween 2010
This year we celebrates both Saturday and Sunday! Saturday we went out to Trunk or Treat with some friends. The problem with this was that since no one was out trick or treating, everyone and their cousin was at this event. We did the candy line and left right away. Though there were festivities and rides and food, it was way too crowded for this germaphobe!

We headed out to my sisters house and decorated pumpkins afterwards! My sister, her husband and their friends are very serious pumpkin carvers, so I felt a bit nervous to show off my lame carving skills. I mean, they use electronic carving knives. Hardcore. But the kids painted their pumpkins up and I carved one great looking Jack Skellington, if I do say so myself!

Halloween day we headed out to our church to be part of the Harvest Festival. This was some big deal! 2 concert stages, about 10 bounce houses & slides, about 40 carnival style games, a car show, a skate ramp and firetruck tours! The kids had a blast playing games and earning candy! We even came home with a new pet... a goldfish named Daisy!

After the Harvest festival we went out to Trick or Treat with my nephews for a while. After a long weekend of Halloween-ish fun, PJ finally melted down and we called it a night around 9pm.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend whether you participated or not in Halloween! I love the day after Halloween so much.... all I can think of is fall weather (or Arizona's interpretation of it anyways), Thanksgiving and BLACK FRIDAY!

Enjoy these pictures from our weekend!

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