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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cardinals vs Cowboys

We were given a rare opportunity to attend the Christmas day football game of the Arizona Cardinals vs the Dallas Cowboys. Make a Wish sent out an email just days before the game stating that Larry Fitzgerald had given a suite to Make a Wish for them to pass along to a few wish families. They were offering us 4 tickets to sit in this suite and enjoy the game, and we accepted!!! Larry recently completed a wish for them so was wanting to give more to the organization. Not to mention, he donated a few items to Gabriella's spaghetti dinner in May 2009 to be auctioned off. This man has a giant heart, and not in a heart defect kind of way. ;) He is kind, generous and caring... using his fame to give back. We had the opportunity to sit in the suite next to his friends and family, meeting his son who was a DOLL and assistant who was such a sweet and loving lady. Larry arranged for some cheerleaders and Big Red, the mascot, to come visit, and provided us with an excellent array of food!

We thank you, Larry Fitzgerald and Make a Wish, for giving us this opportunity. We had an amazing time that will remain a memory for years to come!

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Sara said...

Looks like a TON of fun. PJ is too freakin adorable. Especially sitting in the big chairs with his feet up, I love it. So glad Make a Wish keeps on giving to your family, it's really great.