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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010.... delayed

I wrote this blog from my phone on Christmas Eve & finished it Christmas Day. I sent it to the blog and deleted my outbox, only to find it never posted on this website! I was crushed! 3 days later, I received a fail notice with my text... So here was my Christmas post just a few days delayed!

And I thought I've seen miracles this year....

We have witnessed Gods blessings firsthand in numerous ways in 2010. From the generous hearts of people who lent a hand physically or financially to those who flooded the gates of heaven with prayers for Gabriella. From the staff at all of Gabriellas treatment locations & their amazing dedication to children to the selfless sacrifice the parents of precious Abbie made in May. We have seen so many children fight, survive, or be healed in the Holy Spirit in just 12 fast months. I look back and cannot believe my eyes at the miracles we have witnessed.

Christmas lends a whole new perspective to miracles though... One I hadn't focused enough on over the course of the year. Of course, that is what Christmas is for. An annual reminder of what we should be thinking of more frequently. The fact that our Savior came in the most innocent & raw form, a baby. That very Savior that permits daily miracles, redeems us from our own sins and selfish desires and saved not only the world but generations until eternity.

I couldn't even fathom what it was like to live in that time Jesus was born. The turmoil & struggle that surrounded his birth. His life as a human and all he accomplished and endured, yet even though he was there in the flesh, people denied who he was. God sent his son in a form that could tangibly reach the people on earth, to teach them what they might not have learned had he not been alive & human. How easy it could have been for God to show his might by a supernatural blast of light or descending as a spirit. Instead, he found a way to reach us personally in a way we could grasp. And even to this day, some deny the fact that he existed as a man, or that He exists at all. But, my friends, He was and is very real. From dependent infant to selfless man to a spirit risen again.

In that same way Jesus performed miracles so many years ago, but on a much smaller scale, God held our hands this year through the struggle but gave us tangible ways to remember that He was there. For every moment I could tell you that I felt despair or sadness or struggle, I have a praise to share that shows where God was at that same moment. All of that possible because of the life of Jesus!!

There is no better day than today, the day we remember the simple birth of our living Savior, to reflect on how the birth of a little baby saved each and every one of us personally. What a mighty God we serve!!!


Brittany Marie Trevino said...

amen sister!! Jesus's birth may have been simple but his life and sacrifice of his own life for us is nothing simple but extraordinary! Thank you for reminding me (again) of why we even have Christmas!

Many more blessings to you and your family in this coming new year!

Summer said...

Very Beautiful!!!