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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Super resilient super girl

The last couple weeks have been pretty steady! Gabriella got her PICC line removed July 1 once her levels hit a more comfortable area, which meant we were able to go to my sisters house and SWIM on July 4! We have spent most of our time inside or at doctors, but have slightly ventured out to a few places with a mask on.

Gabriellas ECHO has been looking steady, and we have been able to increase her Lisinopril to aid in the recovery of the damage her rejection caused. Her bloodwork her been hovering around target ranges as well. We couldn't be more thankful for her recovery! Gabriella is now on weekly clinics again, pretty much up until her Make-a-Wish trip in September, to watch for any slight changes in her function. We will be doing blood work weekly as well, so I am sitting in a very comfortable spot as her mom knowing we are closely monitoring her. We also condensed her medication times and now we give meds 4 times a day verses 7.

No major medical updates besides these. It is just time now, giving her heart ample time to heal and recover. I have some more updates in the coming days on her school year & Make a Wish trip!

God Bless and thank you all for the continued prayers!

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Comfypjs said...

Kristi I can't help wonder about while you are all on the Make a Wish trip if a medical emergency were to happen. Are emergency plans in place for the kids on these trips?