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Monday, September 5, 2011

GREAT few weeks!

Since Gabriella's biopsy that proved she overcame rejection, she has been doing great! Labs are stable, her energy is perfect and all seems to be well. She is still on all of the heart failure medications, increased levels of immunosuppressants and other random meds, but they seem to be working cohesively to keep everything calm. We visit clinic again this Thursday and will hopefully formulate a game plan for medications!

We are working up close to Gabriella's Make-a-Wish trip! The anticipation the kids harbor everyday is SO exciting to watch! Gabriella was even chosen to be a recipient in the Big Give, an independently formed group of crafty and loving women who shower certain Disney wish kids with gifts and hand made goodies. Receiving these packages for the kids (and occasionally something for Paul and I) has been better than any countdown calendar we could make!

Gabriella is also SO excited because she will be starting school soon!!! While this is VERY hard on me, I can't help but feel her joy. School started already, but she has been receiving homebound services so she is on track with the classroom. Knowing my godson is in her class, and my comadre works at the school... I know they will be my eyes while she is there. Sending her off is not the hard part, it is EXCITING knowing she is growing and thriving and alive. It is the fact that for 2 years I have had 100% control, or at least 100% involvement in everything this has been through. To relinquish that and trust other people with the smallest details of her existence that can affect her whole life is a BIG thing for me. For her it will be learning to independently operate. She relies on me so heavily because of the trust we have built in our bond through her journey, and I worry about her confidence and spirit being pulled away.

Here are a few pictures I wanted to share of my amazing babies!


Grace said...

What a wonderful Update!!! Glory and Praise to God. How Exciting for Gabriella to be starting school. I am so happy that it has come to this point.

tootermagoo said...

Gabriella and PJ have gotten so big! I am so happy that G is doing so well! I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip...and I can't wait to see pics and hear all about it! :)