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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A decade of life....

Today, the calendar proves it is Wednesday, January 14, 2015.

My schedule proves it is a normal day of waking up sleepy kids, breakfast, pack lunches, drop off kids to school, head to work, pick up kids from school, homework, dinner, bedtimes.

The weather proves it is a typical mid-January day in Arizona with a gorgeous mid-60's forecast.

All typical and well, and probably no different than the day most of you reading are having.

But do you know why my day is different? Why the calendar, schedule and weather prove irrelevant mundane facts in light of whats really happening?

Because faith, miracles and strength all prove something priceless today- life.

Gabriella is 10 years old, as of 9:57am.     And praise God for that.

I have spent the last week welling up and holding back tears. Tears of joy for the young lady she is growing into. Tears of relief that God let me keep her this long. Tears of reminiscing over the rapid acceleration of time since she came into my world. Tears of pride over the strength and perseverance she has not only shown me, but taught me as well. Tears of remembrance as I remember why I was given the last 4 years and 8 months extra. Tears of mourning for the changes and struggles faced. Tears of humility as I remember she is not mine first, but belonging to God before me. Tears of gratitude for the journey.

No words will ever be able to truly express what is in my heart, but hopefully this birthday video for Gabriella can shed a peek into the amazing decade we have had together.

Your Dad and I are beyond blessed to be your parents!! I love you, my Princess, and I cannot wait to see what the next decade has in store for you!!!

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Cardio Kidz said...

Just read your blog about Gabriella's 10th birthday! Beautiful description of what seems like a "typical" day to many, holds significant meaning to others. So happy you've had these "extra" years with her and praying for many more to come.
-Jill Thorne (the "garnet" mom who had a heart transplant 24+ years ago.)