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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

VERY important day today

So UPS came today with a very important package. The lamp in my TV was out for the last 11 days, and FINALLY today it came in! I can't really complain about the delay. I got it under warranty, so it was $200 less that I had to spend. I plopped it in, carefully, and fired the bad boy up. ((angels rejoice)).... My DVR has a low space warning on it, wonderful. I hate how much we rely on the television, and we really utilized the down time well, but I am so glad to have it back! Hopefully we can be more conscious now about our watching habits! Anyone know how to dispose of a mercury bulb?????

And, after much anticipation, I was able to purchase tickets to the 1201am showing of Twilight on November 20/21! My sister, mom and I will all head out to the mall, have some dinner and get prepped for 2 hours of complete blissful entertainment! I am SO excited! Excited isn't even a good word to explain how psyched I am!!!!!!

I decided to participate in NaBloPoMo for November. There are so many exciting things happening in November, I think it will be an easy month to be dedicated! 30 days of posting. Hold on to your hats and glasses folks, cuz this heres going to be a smoking blog for November!

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