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Monday, February 20, 2012

Rejection follow up

Gabriella's rejection is graded at a 2r, moderate rejection. I for sure thought it would be less than that! What sets it apart from the rejection she went through last June is that this time around, there is no function decline. The pressures and pump of her heart is normal and strong, so it is only at a cellular level for right now. Since her function is good, they are treating the rejection with high dose steroids at home and we will go in weekly for ECHO's to watch her function. If there is any loss, of course, we will have to pursue a more aggressive means of treatment, but until then we can go about life normally and pray the medications work!

Thank you to everyone for reaching out Friday when we got this news! It was so unexpected and I am so blessed to have you all still ready to rally around Gabriella!!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Wednesday, Gabriella had her routine annual biopsy to check for rejection. Her function, pressures and arteries looked fantastic!!! Today, however, I got a call to find out that surprisingly her biopsy came back from pathology showing rejection. We will be returning to Phoenix Children's today for at minimum 3 days to try and protect this sparkly heart. Our team here is in communication with our team at Loma Linda, formulating the best plan for this.

Asking for your fervent prayers over her for healing and protection!!!!