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Sunday, August 31, 2008


So yesterday I executed the garage sale that was 6-8wks in the making. I ALMOST postponed it because I wasn't completely ready, etc etc. Well, BOY am I glad i did it! $540 later, I was able to clear out a TON of excess we had hanging around this house! It feels SO good to clean out the stuff in my house, and even better to be doing the same in my life. SO, our Disney trip in September is paid for in full! TOO exciting! only 3 more weeks and we are OUTTA here!

We also went to the Dbacks vs. Dodgers game last night. HOW FUN! It was an exciting game, full of action. My kids were, for the most part, really good! Best part of the night, our Dodgers won! GO MANNY! 2 homers and that guy was on FIRE!

Here are some pics to tide you over!

Manny Ramirez!Ever seen a girl get TACKLED by a man? I hadn't until yesterday! This chick ran out on the field and the security guy came up and PELTED her right before she lifted her dress! I'm sure its going to be a LONG Labor Day weekend in a jail cell for this chick! LOL

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lesson number 9617

As with life, I am learning lessons what is seemingly everyday. The latest lesson being taught to me is to stop sharing so much. I have people who I tend to share everything with. I tell them things that are personal, financial, emotional, physical, honest, candid, etc. I openly discuss issues or things directed at my life without feeling I will be judged or spoken about.

NOW, however, it is becoming clear to me I am not as secure as I feel. Things I have shared in the past are popping up ever so slightly and being judged. I am able to tell that things I have spoken about to someone in trust are being talked about in detail behind my back. People have opinions of me as a person that are not exactly complimentary, and not at all true. I think people are taking advantage and loosing sight of what they respected in me before, my ability to be honest and forthright. Maybe they are losing their patience with my confidence? Maybe they are being fake to me to start with, and appeasing me by not being honest? Maybe I am just a good topic of conversation when I happen to not be around. ;)

I am kinda glad this is happening. It gives me a chance to withdraw to protect myself. Not from the relationships, that would be silly and childish. But from the depth of what communication is shared, and the extent that I offer myself. This is such a weird thing to blog about, because isn't this where I share? Sure, but not in detail. I keep details of important things under wraps and only share what could be public knowledge anyways. Here I can vent and spill out to what seems like a wall, but there are actually caring people on the other end willing to read my boringness.

This blog is pointless. I really need a 'Pointless Tuesdays'. But damn does it feel good to have a pity party without burdening someone directly. If you became party of my pity party, it was because you stuck around to deal with it willingly. LOL... Sometimes you need to just sit and say "screw it, I got my feelings hurt, I feel sorry for myself" and move on.

Screw it, I got my feelings hurt, I feel sorry for myself.

I have moved on.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Have you been to Disneyland?

I would LOVE some help from other people who have visited the Disneyland area in the past year.

If you would take some time to offer up reviews on hotels you have stayed up, using the template below, I can add it to my Disney Planning Blog. If you have experience at the hotel with children, please emphasize the benefits and downfalls relating to the children along with the overall hotel review.


Hotel Name:
  • Hotel Staff & Service:
  • Hotel Condition & Convenience:
  • Room Cleanliness & Comfort:
  • Overall Review:
  • Likeliness to recommend:
Name/ NickName:

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dusty pants

This morning, in my frustration of my old 'bottoms' being way to baggy on me, but hesitation to buy smaller clothes in hope I continue to loose, I pulled out that legendary stack of 'skinny' shorts and carpis that all of us women have. You know, the stack that sits in your closet for when you are CONVINCED you will be able to wear them again? They have a light layer of dust around the edges, and have those seemingly permanent creases from being folded for so long. I got rid of all of the stacks of 12's and 14's about 2 years ago, as I was completely fed up with looking at clothes I came to terms that I would never be able to wear them again, so I had one little bundle to look at. A stack of 16's. Doubtedly, I pulled out a black pair (black- slimming if I buldge from them, right?) and threw them on. Buttoned them. That's right, no jumping around to get them above my thighs, so frustration of the 2 button halves never meeting.

I am officially down a size!

I was starting to get frustrated. I saw a picture of us that was taken last night at the ballgame. Granted, the shirt I was wearing is SO unflattering and will be making its disappearance from my closet TONIGHT, but I felt I looked the same as I did 2 months ago when the circus picture forced me into change. I know I am being harder on myself than I need to. Regardless of the lack of visible weight I have or haven't lost... I am healthier, have discarded the toxins in my system from less healthy foods, and people were commenting on how good I look. So I knew some change is happening. But being able to fit into MY version of skinny pants today boosted back up my drive to keep moving! I am 2lbs away from being under 200 and I cannot WAIT to rejoice in that achievement!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh, my poor blog

My obsession with stalking cloth diapers has prevented me from blogging! SHAME on me! But really, see how the fruits of my stalking labor have paid off! He is so happy!

I have another 4 adorable prints on their way to my house right now, so you know you will be blessed with more pictures!

Something wonderful happened yesterday. Well, a few things really.

Hubby texted me at about 11am and asked me when I was heading up to Sacramento to throw Besties baby shower. I leave October 2nd, late. WELL, he responds with "my work wants to send me to 'XX city' from Sept 29 to Oct 3". GREAT..... that didn't work. It was already hard enough for me to come to terms with leaving my babies while I go somewhere for a weekend. NOW not only am I leaving them, but I don't even know what to do with them! Things quickly worked out, and MIL will come to the rescue. Anyways, this is a huge opportunity! Hubby will be going there with one manager and one supervisor to train others and represent the company! To even be considered for this not being a supervisor yet is amazing. It is just another notch in his career belt! *this just in. Hubby won't even be home until Saturday now. I'm not happy. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. As if this wasn't hard enough for me already. Wonderful. I am sure you will hear me complain a lot about this, you poor blog.

I am going to formally declare yesterday as the first day BabyBoy stood on his own! He has been kinda-sorta-halfway pretending to stand while leaning on something, but never as much as yesterday! He was pulling up on walls and furniture at a friends house, and letting go for long periods! Last night when we were at home, Hubby and I were inticing him and he was standing like a pro! He even took what I could call a half of an independent step! What a big boy. I cannot believe he is almost 1.
We are heading off to a ball game tonight. Since the Dodger's aren't playing it's "root, root, root for the home team". the best thing about it is that the tockets were free! Because our JDRF walk team has raised over $500 in the early stages
Business is boomin! I have 2 custom bag orders in process, a custom gift set and am fulfilling a 'special buy' sale for some cloth wipes for friends of mine! I also was approached by an AWESOME consignment store in Phoenix called Hissyfits, and they want my burp cloths! How awesome is that!? So I have a lot of work to be doing these next few weeks. I'm hoping to slow down for September and October since I will be so sparse. Lots of birthdays, vacations and events!
The week is almost over, which means we are just hours, and maybe at most a day away from finding out who the Veep is going to be for my man Obama. I am on the edge of my seat! And then Saturday he is speaking, hopefully with his new sidekick in tow, in my hometown of Springfield, IL. I think this is the ONLY time I have wished I was there since I left! I am so anxious to hear!!
And to show more proof of all the goodies I have gotten, here are some pictures! I have 5 more fitteds (like in the first picture) and 5 new covers that will be coming soon!
And some old pockets I had before:

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Online Friends

Why even try to reword it? Please read a good friends blog that explains so perfectly...

I have been semi blog-less

What a week (or 2)... whew. So many emotions, so little time.

2 Friday's ago, BabyBoy started low grade fevers during the day. By weekend he was gnawing on his hands like nuts and whining! I thought it was teeth and toddler whining. Well, by Tuesday his whining got uncontrollable, and finger biting got worse. Wednesday I took him into the doctor and turned out he had double ear infection and swollen tonsils. Poor kid! So we got oral antibiotic and was sent on our way. Thursday, I got a call from the sitter saying BabyBoy was very warm and miserable, so I went to get him. His fevers were hitting 103.5+ that night. Friday I took him back to the sitter because he woke up ok, and by noon he was up to 103.8. I left work early again to pick him up and took him to Urgent Care. His ears were clearing, but his throat had developed puss pockets. They did a finger prick CBC and he tested with high white blood cells, and showed he had a bacterial AND viral infection. He got a Rocefin antibiotic shot and they sent us home. Overnight, he spiked a 104.8 fever and it was UNBREAKABLE! Saturday we went to the lab for a blood workup, then back to Urgent care where he got his 2nd Rocefin shot. Saturday night he didn't have any fevers, but it was our worst night yet. His nasal passages deep within were swollen, and every time he took in a breath, he would snort and scream in pain (he had tonsillitis caused by whatever viral he had)! Sunday he did a ton better, and the Doc called me from UC to tell me his blood panel confirmed he had both a viral and bacterial infection, and that he tested high for inflammation, which probably had to do with his throat.

BabyBoy is getting back to himself now. We went for a follow-up yesterday and things are looking up. His virus has cleared out, but the doctor wants to do a follow-up CBC in 2 weeks to make sure he doesn't have a bacteria still growing in him since we never pinpointed what it originally was. I HATE having them poke him so much, but I do want him to be healthy!

In other news, I am going to lightly blog about something that is really starting to affect me in more ways than just anger. Someone I love is in pain. Miserable. She is living in a situation that is unhealthy, and in turn it is infecting her life. It is spilling out into her relationships and everything is getting worse. She knows what she needs to do, but I fear she is too afraid to do it and never will. The price she is paying to dispose of her happiness is high. This is one of those situations what will only get worse before it gets better. She needs to do what she needs to do, exterminate her problem, and open up the doors to herself again, because that person is so lost inside a trap I hardly see her anymore. She doesn't interact with friends, she is forced to be cut off from her family, and she is walking around the city with a fake smile to provide an oasis to others that everything is dandy. I don't know how much longer I can take watching this. It is starting to affect the way I interact with this person. I am starting to feel like I am not doing my job of being there for that person because I have so many strong feelings about a resolution, I cannot have many comforting words for the present. How do you tell someone 'everything will be ok' when you know the ONLY way it will be ok is in that persons control to start with? I just hope she knows she has so much support and doesn't have to do this alone, and we are all just waiting for her to pull the pin from that grenade so we can shelter her from the explosion.

In other news- nothing new with Hubby's work. I am getting a bit irritated though. I am really getting pushy to get out of this house. If we got out of it right now, and rented a home in town, sure enough we will get the call RIGHT after we sign that new lease. BUT, come January, is there are no progressions with this position, I will be making my decision and running with it. I need to get out of my house. With the economy and the over-inflation aftereffects we are all suffering from in my rural town, my city is the worst place in Arizona to be owning a home right now. My payment to the mortgage company (when they get it, lol) is no more than super high rent. I have no equity in my home, so my huge payment is being thrown down the toilet. Along with that, the gas for the LONG commute (that we used to justify with having a home that was a sheer investment and giving us a $90k return) is killing us. And why waste all that money on gas when we can live within 10 miles from our jobs, not pay a HOA, not pay the insanely expensive private water we have to use out here AND not pay pest control because we won't be living in a rural area with tons of spiders! Plus, I know I can find a home to rent a whole lot cheaper than my mortgage. So I am on a piss-fest when it comes to my home. I still love it, but I feel jailed in it, so will be freeing us from it in one way or another hopefully soon!

In other news, I am down 12lbs today! I think you can finally start to tell..... lol.......

So, my last couple weeks have been uneventful for the most part. Hopefully this weekend Hubby and I can find some way to have a date night. That hasn't happened in months! I really don't remember the last time it was just him and I!