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Friday, August 22, 2008

Dusty pants

This morning, in my frustration of my old 'bottoms' being way to baggy on me, but hesitation to buy smaller clothes in hope I continue to loose, I pulled out that legendary stack of 'skinny' shorts and carpis that all of us women have. You know, the stack that sits in your closet for when you are CONVINCED you will be able to wear them again? They have a light layer of dust around the edges, and have those seemingly permanent creases from being folded for so long. I got rid of all of the stacks of 12's and 14's about 2 years ago, as I was completely fed up with looking at clothes I came to terms that I would never be able to wear them again, so I had one little bundle to look at. A stack of 16's. Doubtedly, I pulled out a black pair (black- slimming if I buldge from them, right?) and threw them on. Buttoned them. That's right, no jumping around to get them above my thighs, so frustration of the 2 button halves never meeting.

I am officially down a size!

I was starting to get frustrated. I saw a picture of us that was taken last night at the ballgame. Granted, the shirt I was wearing is SO unflattering and will be making its disappearance from my closet TONIGHT, but I felt I looked the same as I did 2 months ago when the circus picture forced me into change. I know I am being harder on myself than I need to. Regardless of the lack of visible weight I have or haven't lost... I am healthier, have discarded the toxins in my system from less healthy foods, and people were commenting on how good I look. So I knew some change is happening. But being able to fit into MY version of skinny pants today boosted back up my drive to keep moving! I am 2lbs away from being under 200 and I cannot WAIT to rejoice in that achievement!!
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