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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh, my poor blog

My obsession with stalking cloth diapers has prevented me from blogging! SHAME on me! But really, see how the fruits of my stalking labor have paid off! He is so happy!

I have another 4 adorable prints on their way to my house right now, so you know you will be blessed with more pictures!

Something wonderful happened yesterday. Well, a few things really.

Hubby texted me at about 11am and asked me when I was heading up to Sacramento to throw Besties baby shower. I leave October 2nd, late. WELL, he responds with "my work wants to send me to 'XX city' from Sept 29 to Oct 3". GREAT..... that didn't work. It was already hard enough for me to come to terms with leaving my babies while I go somewhere for a weekend. NOW not only am I leaving them, but I don't even know what to do with them! Things quickly worked out, and MIL will come to the rescue. Anyways, this is a huge opportunity! Hubby will be going there with one manager and one supervisor to train others and represent the company! To even be considered for this not being a supervisor yet is amazing. It is just another notch in his career belt! *this just in. Hubby won't even be home until Saturday now. I'm not happy. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. As if this wasn't hard enough for me already. Wonderful. I am sure you will hear me complain a lot about this, you poor blog.

I am going to formally declare yesterday as the first day BabyBoy stood on his own! He has been kinda-sorta-halfway pretending to stand while leaning on something, but never as much as yesterday! He was pulling up on walls and furniture at a friends house, and letting go for long periods! Last night when we were at home, Hubby and I were inticing him and he was standing like a pro! He even took what I could call a half of an independent step! What a big boy. I cannot believe he is almost 1.
We are heading off to a ball game tonight. Since the Dodger's aren't playing it's "root, root, root for the home team". the best thing about it is that the tockets were free! Because our JDRF walk team has raised over $500 in the early stages
Business is boomin! I have 2 custom bag orders in process, a custom gift set and am fulfilling a 'special buy' sale for some cloth wipes for friends of mine! I also was approached by an AWESOME consignment store in Phoenix called Hissyfits, and they want my burp cloths! How awesome is that!? So I have a lot of work to be doing these next few weeks. I'm hoping to slow down for September and October since I will be so sparse. Lots of birthdays, vacations and events!
The week is almost over, which means we are just hours, and maybe at most a day away from finding out who the Veep is going to be for my man Obama. I am on the edge of my seat! And then Saturday he is speaking, hopefully with his new sidekick in tow, in my hometown of Springfield, IL. I think this is the ONLY time I have wished I was there since I left! I am so anxious to hear!!
And to show more proof of all the goodies I have gotten, here are some pictures! I have 5 more fitteds (like in the first picture) and 5 new covers that will be coming soon!
And some old pockets I had before:


Laura said...

Oooo, look at that fun diaper stash!

And I'm DYING to know who Obama's pick will be too! Ack!

Kara said...

Holy crow, woman! You have so many dipes now!

Don't worry about the out of town situation. We will all pitch in and help.