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Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

(back posting)

Like I could resist.

My constant complaining about not being able to Black Friday shop since we had the kiddos and no sitter still couldn't keep me home. I woke at was at WalMart at 440am. The wonderful thing is our WalMart is 24hours, meaning I could go right in! No standing out in (our version of) cold in line. Everyone was piled around the center isles, waiting for the 5am go-ahead to start buying up all the specials! I have never seen more people at a WalMart before, and I go every year! I scored some awesome deals on a few things, and my sister and I fought through the crowds without any drama or fights. (quite the accomplishment for us as a pair). I even did my first good-deed for the season and bought the cashier a bottle of water. There's no one who works harder than retail workers on BF! I definitely think they are all patient creatures!

I left there and headed off to pick up Hubby and the babes at home. We gassed the car up ($29! woot!) and headed to God's heaven on earth--- Target. By the time we got there, they had been open for 45min so the atmosphere was calm. Although, there is no atmosphere as insane as WalMart. We ended up with even MORE awesome deals there!

Leaving there was our first Starbucks stop. And who could resist their new ornaments?! SO cute! We ran by WalMart at another location so I could attempt to grab the one thing we DIDN'T score in the morning, and walked out with 2 more hot items! Best Buy for some SD cards, and then San Tan Mall. We walked a bit of the mall, and ended up at the Disney Store, which is a dangerous zone for me anyways! The lady had just announced (10a) that the additional 20% off was good until noon! SO, 3 large bags later, we walked out completing shopping for the kiddos!

It was time at this point to fuel up ourselves so we went to Mimi's Cafe for breakfast. Leaving there, a quick run by Barnes & Noble, went to Dick's sporting goods and got my nephews the coolest football toys, and called it quits! We got home at around 2p and all laid down for naps!

I seriously LOVE Black Friday. Any years in the past we hadn't gone, it was so much harder to get into the spirit! BUT I accomplished a ton of shopping, saving TONS of money, and feel totally full of the Christmas spirit!

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