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Friday, November 21, 2008

Crepúsculo (twilight)

FANTASTIC movie! It was far from disappointment, which is what many book-movie situations are! I felt just as involved in it as I did when I read it. The 2 hours went by so fast, I was sitting there ready to watch again! Before I saw it, I made comments on the characters and their casting. But AFTER I saw them play their roles, PERFECT! All the key elements that made the book so amazing were in the movie, and any omissions or changes they made really were so slight they didn't interfere at all! It was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. And when Edward sparkled. Wow.

I DEFINETLY think anyone can go see the movie, but if you can read the book before, do it! You will be able to put more meaning on so many parts if you had read the book!

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