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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Vote 2008

I would love for you to read my blog if you have stumbled here, but before you move on, open your mind. My tolerance for narrow mindedness has ran out as of late. I have made my decisions based on deep desires in my heart, based on tons of considerations on BOTH sides of the spectrum, and based on the future that I hope to see.



My excitement, joy and pride is more than I can explain. What I did this morning feels like I truly exercised my right to speak (with the exception of having to remove my button, gotta love the 'exceptions' to freedom of speech- but I kept my necklace on!). I just voted for Barack Obama to be the change for my United States.

Why do I say 'change' and not 'next'? I think 'next' is such a loose term in proportion to how I feel about this election, and about my candidate. You are 'next in line' to the cashier at the store, the piece of gum behind the one in front is the 'next' one to be chewed, the soda in the back of the carton is the 'next' to be drank. Those 'nexts' serve no impact. It is the same thing you just did, but again. No impact, no element of surprise, no change to the pattern.... just status qua.

McCain- Same. Constant. Safe. Next.

Obama- Different. New. Fresh. Raw. Hopeful. Potential. Life.

I am definitely not discrediting McCain and his abilities to run the country. He has much experience as a government figure, war hero, and human. But he is not the route I plan to choose when it comes to the future of my family. I have lost much respect for him throughout the course of campaigning with his consistent defensive tantrums, petty daggers he has thrown and his choice of running mate.

What are some things that are important to me?

I believe in Obama's direction for the economy. Focusing on the people who keep this country going, the middle class, is something that is necessary. Why else would we have been given a stimulus this past year? To get the PEOPLE injecting it into the economy. The government knows its us, so why try and fool everyone that helping large corporations is beneficial? They will only take that tax break and apply it toward their profits, and continue to outsource labor and trade from other countries rather than reach from within. America is greedy, and I have yet to see a corporation even hint that tax breaks for them will create new jobs. Tax cuts for the average family like mine or small business struggling to survive- that is what I believe in.

Efficiency vs. Independence? Sure, drilling oil will be a quick fix. It's safe, they tell us. I don't deny that. But why throw a steak in the microwave to cook it, when if you take a little extra effort you can make it the best steak ever? Why do we need to rush straight to the easiest and quickest scenario, to drill oil and use our resources up, just to quickly patch up the problem? It will only create greater problems for the future and cost us Americans more money than necessary. Instead, why can't we put the money, like McCain is promising to oil companies as tax breaks, into working on ways to make our country more efficient WITHOUT the full reliance on oil? Lets take the time, tenderize the steak, throw some seasonings on it and grill it for a while. Let's work on more energy efficient cars. Use wind, solar or hydro power to fuel our everyday activities- those are resources God has given us. Why wouldn't we utilize them?? And really, why do we have SO much in reserve? Let's not keep our FEAR that something might happen and cling to our reserve like a lifeboat. Let's create our own future where the reserve is nice to have, but not necessary for survival. This is not something that will happen in 4 or 8 years, but it is something that if one brave soul starts, and proves to our sceptical nation it is possible, can be the key to our children's and grandchildren's futures.

Don't tax my health care, and stop being so damn unfair about it. I am very lucky to have affordable health care via a large corporation. I know if it were to sky rocket in price, or if I were to be taxed on it, I would have to reconsider holding a policy for myself or my husband. These health care companies need to be handed some rules, set in forth by our government, in order to give every American the chance. It is unfair that I pay approximately $100/month for my entire family for insurance coverage with extremely reasonable co-pays and meds, and that I paid a total of $15 from start to finish on my pregnancy. Why is it unfair? Because I work in HR and watch people add and remove their kids to their policy almost monthly because they just cannot afford the ridiculously expensive rates offered to a small business by bloodsucking insurance agencies, yet their children need care. Because my sister has coverage that costs an arm and a leg to have, let alone the percentage cost they charge her to maintain an unavoidable disease she has had for 12 years. Because the God given right of reproduction- delivering a baby is costing thousands for my bestie, on top of unreasonable rates just to hold the policy for her family. Because my step-dad struggled and failed to acquire private insurance and fell ill and died due to limits on treatment, all because they wouldn't extend coverage to him. Because my friends son who was born with a small defect in his heart is now being told by the insurance company they planned to move to after he was born might not cover him. You call that accessible?! Fair?! Affordable?! No. And I firmly believe that if you want to call Obama's plan socialism... then call me a socialist. But everyone should be given the same opportunities. Obama will require agencies to cover pre-existing conditions, help small businesses make it affordable for their employees, and put limits and rules on insurance agencies and their price gauging.

Those are just a few of my feelings on why I support my candidate. I have faith in him, and know he will do great things. And I truly pray I can come back and post later this week about my excitement and hope, and say that come January 20, President Obama will be the man in charge!