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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cancelled TV Shows


"Dirty Sexy Money" – 5 episodes
'The Plan' airs Wednesday, 12/10 at 10pm ET
'The Organ Donor' airs Wednesday, 12/17 at 10pm ET
Three more episodes will air after that, dates TBA

"Eli Stone" – 7 episodes
'Help!' airs Tuesday, 12/9 at 10pm ET
'Owner of a Lonely Heart' airs Tuesday, 12/16 at 10pm ET
Five more episodes will air after that, dates TBA

"Opportunity Knocks" – 6 episodes
No air dates have been announced, but they are likely to air over the summer.

"Pushing Daisies" – 5 episodes
'The Legend of Merle McQuoddy' airs Wednesday, 12/10 at 8pm ET
'The Norwegians' airs Wednesday, 12/17 at 8pm ET
Three more episodes will air after that; dates TBA


"The Ex List" – 0 episodes
After airing only four episodes, it's very unlikely that CBS will bring this romantic comedy back.

The CW

"Easy Money" – 0 episodes

"Valentine" – 0 episodes

"In Harm's Way" – 0 episodes

The CW rented three hours of their Sunday night airtime to Media Rights Capital (MRC), but instead of filling the timeslots with established programming, MRC aired three original shows that failed to attract viewers. The shows were quickly pulled from the lineup and have since been replaced by CBS' cancelled drama "Jericho" at 7pm and various movies between 8pm and 10pm.


"Do Not Disturb" – 0 episodes
Three episodes are all you're going to get out of Fox for this comedy.


"My Own Worst Enemy" – 2 episodes
'Love In All the Wrong Places' airs Monday, 12/8 at 10pm ET
'Henry and the Terrible… Day' airs Monday, 12/15 at 10pm ET

"Lipstick Jungle" – 3 episodes
'Chapter Eighteen: Indecent Exposure' airs Friday, 12/12 at 9pm ET
Two more episodes will air through 1/9; the show will not air the last two weeks of December.

"Crusoe" – 6 episodes
'Heroes and Villains' airs Saturday, 12/6 at 8pm ET
'Name of the Game' airs Saturday, 12/20 at 8pm ET
'Smoke and Mirrors' airs Saturday, 12/27 at 8pm ET
'The Hunting Party' airs Saturday, 1/10 at 8pm ET
'The Traveler' airs Saturday, 1/17 at 8pm ET
'The Return' airs Saturday, 1/31 at 8pm ET

"Knight Rider" – 17 episodes:
The show's season (and possible series) finale will air Wednesday, 2/25. Low ratings have prompted NBC to trim "Knight Rider's" order from 21 episodes to 17.

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