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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Already? Really?

I woke up after a terrible night of bad dreams and anxiety. I am contributing it to the end of 2008, and not the beginning of 2009.

I am going to knock on wood, or the space bar in hopes that today's good day was not coincidental. It is hard for me to think back to the last day we felt this at peace, so I am feeling confident this may last!

We found a home! Correction, we found TWO homes. The first one- we will call it Power- we viewed today was so nice. A bit further SE than we had been ideally looking for, and a bit higher rent we were aiming for, but it was super nice! 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 2152ft, loft, $1225 per month. As we were talking with our real estate agent about the next couple houses we were going to see, she got pretty candid with us about a home we wanted to look at- we will call that one Spectrum- one I absolutely thought was put on the market late the 30th (the night we found out that other 'perfect' home was no longer available). She told us all the expenses it cost her to run her business. The percentages to this company and that, the fees for insurance and memberships, etc. On rentals, she makes either a percentage of the years lease term, or a flat fee upon occupancy. A normal feel is $200-300, but $200 is minimum to cover all fees and make a tiny bit of cash. WELL, she was hesitant on the Spectrum home, as the realtor commission was only $130- which would end up in her having to pay! SERIOUSLY! We convinced her to go ahead and show it to us anyways.

We went to 2 other homes first, both duds. Then proceeded to the Spectrum home. Neighborhood, perfect. Exterior, perfect. Inside, perfect. This home was amazing. Didn't even look lived in! All aspects of the house were just amazing, and great for us! 4 beds, 2.5 baths, 1753ft, and only $1095/mo!!!! Hubby and I agreed this was the home we wanted. We told our real estate lady we would pay her $170 in additional commissions, off the record. That would give her some extra cash for the rental, and with the savings in rent from the Power house, that would be worth the extra expense! I will be filling out the rental application tomorrow and praying like MADNESS we get approved. Our history may look bad on our credit, but our future looks amazing. The structure we have put our budget into is truly a blessing from God. All of our debt is back in a debt management company- one flat payment for it all, and it will be gone in 4.5 years making their minimum payment.

We got home and took down Christmas in the house. Our house here is feeling less and less like our 'home'. We have truly started to detach ourself from it, which I think will make it easier to go. I was able to gather all of my 2008 deductions for my taxes, with the exception of medical statements.

Today was a good day. We feel good. We feel at peace. Once we can get our broke checking account in check, no pun intended, everything in life will be calm. In 19 days, we get a ray of sunshine, Obama takes office. My BabyGirl turns 4 in less than 2 weeks, and her growing up warms my heart.

I am hoping this is a start to something beautiful.


Dahlia said...

Sounds awesome! I know you guys are hoping to not be so strapped financially, and finding a house with lower rent is definitely a good way to do that!

Laura said...

Oooo, such great news! Many prayers that things continue to fall right into place!