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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is it too early....

to make change of address cards??

Hehehe, so we got approved! I spent the weekend attempting to not stress or harp on the outcome of the application.

I got a call early Monday (I was expecting Tuesday, so that was a relief) and the rep from the property management company told me he was processing my application and everything looked great. (Yeah, if you don't look at our CREDIT!) He said he just spoke to the owner of the home and she had 2 questions. First, do we have pets. Since I already read the limitations on pets through the property management company's website, I knew I couldn't bring my Chico with us. So I told him yes, but he will not be coming with us. (that's another story). Second, can we move in earlier. She was looking to have someone in mid-January to have some income for the month to cover some expenses she fronted. I was hesitant, but once he told me there was another applicant after me that wanted it in January, I told him yes, as I didn't want to loose the house!

He called the home owner and called me back about 20 minutes later. Said she only needed about $180 to cover her expenses, so if we moved in on the 27th, that would cover the income she needed! The house was ours! I don't think I have been THAT happy in quite some time! We arranged a time to go up and sign the lease, and spoke funds. We need half the security deposit ($550) on January 14, $1700 for rent and move in expenses on the 27th, and the other half of the deposit mid-February. Difficult, but doable. I know God will provide a source of income for us, and allow this to happen. I had budgeted to have the 30th paycheck for the move-in, but I am going to have faith it will all work out!

I am ecstatic. I have started thinking of where things will go in the house, started starving for that 40mile less commute everyday, and started feeling the relief and change the future has for us!

As for my sweet dog, he is up for adoption. Being a pit bull, it was a shot in the dark to find a rental that allowed his breed. Seriously, it is discrimination. It's like saying all middle eastern originated people are terrorists. Sure, there are a few bad eggs, as there are bad white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, Russian, Australian, etc people out there. He is a good dog. Loving, sweet, protective, loyal, active adult dog. The good thing is we have 3 possible scenarios for him already, all people we know. The bad thing is nothing is official yet, and my sweet BabyGirl is SO upset we cannot bring him with us. But, again, he is one of Gods creations, and will help us to find a loving home for him!


Nichole said...

Aw! That's awesome news!!!! But super sad about Chico :(

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I hope you'll be very happy in your new home. Sorry about your doggie though. :(