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Friday, January 16, 2009

Madame Suzy Says.....

My dear friend Suzy truly is a very cool woman. We met online (same way I have met many wonderful women and my Bestie, also) in a mommy-centered community while we were all expecting our January 2005 babies. Suzy lived in a country very dear to my heart, as it is part of my family make-up..... Ireland. I have a box on my blog for her, supporting her walk through breast cancer.

As if being a mom of 2, working outside the home, and fighting to cast out cancer was not enough for her, she also runs a blog where she does palm readings every Friday! This Friday was my week..... here's what my hands say about me. Thanks Suzy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Usual disclaimer- this is just for fun. I am not an expert by any means and it’s for entertainment purposes only. Please respect this!

As usual, I am trying hard not to let my preconceptions of you enter into this Kristi!

What your hands say about you-

  • You have great confidence, are a very outgoing person and can readily communicate with others.
  • You’re not hell bent on being independent, and like the security of being in a long term relationship.
  • Energetic, ambitious and practical, you’re sought after in the workplace because you are the kind of person who always gets the job done. You are very much a “do-er” and don’t like to hang about once you decide to do something.
  • You like to get your own way and can sometimes be a little bit stubborn!
  • As a teenager, you could be rather headstrong, and you perceived that your parents tried to control your life too much. You don’t think that any more and welcome the influence they have in your life!
  • You’re very adaptable to change and have a realistic and balanced view on your life.
  • You can be hotheaded and very emotional at times. Sometimes you need to take a step back and breathe before reacting, but you find this hard to do.
  • You’re pretty open minded, and try to take people as you find them.
  • Mentally you’re quite tough and can recover from situations even if they’ve cost you a lot emotionally.

What your future may (or may not) hold-

  • Your hand shows a romance very early in life which meant a lot to you, but that person was never going to be “the one”.
  • There is one main marriage line, and three clear child lines.
  • I am nearly sure there is a fourth child line!
  • I am hesitant to say this because I don’t want to upset you, but from two different areas on your hand I think you will outlive your long term partner.
  • Your general health will remain good all your adult life.
  • Your middle years are full of responsibility. You actually thrive on this and find those years very fulfilling.
  • You will do a lot of travelling, but this will mainly be in your later years. One trip will be life changing.
  • You will have a very big decision to make in your later middle years. It’s something you’re going to spend a lot of time considering. You will come to the right decision though, and this results in a peaceful old age with few stresses.
  • Your marriage is very strong and happy. Your partner is extremely protective of you, and you love this!
  • You work hard- but you’ll earn extremely well as a result and thrive in this environment. Your strong business head will get you through some tough times.
  • Your money will come from your own enterprises. You will have an extremely successful business in your own right. Your business
    enterprises centre around creative and artistic areas rather than in something like engineering or accounting. (Disclaimer- I know this might seem presumptuous on my part because Kristi DOES have her own business, but seriously it is right there on her hand!)
  • You’ll earn enough to be able to take early retirement and see the world. And see the world you shall!

Thanks so much for taking part, Kristi! I hope you enjoyed your reading! Please let me know what you think and how accurate you feel it is!

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