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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2 weeks worth

I haven't posted since inauguration day..... what is wrong with me??? Well, for one, relocating my LIFE took a lot of time.

My last post was inauguration day. Needless to say, that was an amazing day! I watched the neighborhood ball that night, and wanted so badly to be part of all the celebrations! I think in the few short weeks as president, Obama has initiated potential for great progress! He is actually at work, which I think puts many peoples minds at ease for some sort of a solution!!!!

We packed, and packed, and packed. How freaking exhausting. I purged quite a bit, but not as much as I would have had to if I had not had that garage sale in the fall! (that got me some big $$!) It's amazing how much CRAP children have, and need! Seriously, half the house is theirs.

We got the keys to our new place on January 27, and started taking small carloads over to the new house all week. I spent the whole day Wednesday as most hardworking, underpaid Hispanic housekeepers do.... scrubbing every surface of someone elses cooties off the house, removing layers of vacant home dust and getting the pent up stench out of there!

LilMan got sick Wednesday and didn't sleep at all Wednesday and Thursday night. DID not help our sheer exhaustion from preparing the house to move out!

Friday was a full day. 3 roundtrips/ 200 miles to the new house, 4 carloads, daycare, dinner, Uhaul, breaking down furniture and the 13th anniversary of my dad's death. That night, as my body CRASHED with exhaustion and a fever, my absolutely life saving brother-in-law came over to help Hubby load up some furniture and appliances into the Uhaul. They spent the whole night, until 1am, drinking as many energy drinks as possible and making fun of my ailing status, all while making progress in the house.

Saturday, moving day, came. We got an early start, with help from 2 brother-in-laws, my nephew and my sister. We got everything loaded into the trucks and prepped to leave. It hit me like a ton of bricks once everything was vacant. I knew it would happen. That was my home. We built it when we were engaged, moved in and stayed there on our wedding night, dreamt of the things we would do to the home, had parties and memories with some of the most amazing friends you could ask for, celebrated and grieved in it, brought our babies home to it and watched so many first in it, and grew as people in it. Like I told Hubby when we left and he was emotionally detached from the situation that was so heavy on my heart, I'd rather remember the time we had it, and not harp on that we lost it. Loosing it is so minuet in light of all the amazing memories we were blessed with in those walls. And in all reality, we ARE reselling it, we haven't LOST it, we are just reselling it at a lower amount and taking a hit on the difference. I hardly count that as loosing it. Someone else will buy it, move in and make memories.

"Bricks and mortar make a house, but the laughter of children make a home" ~Irish Proverb

We got to the new house and those guys worked SO hard to get everything loaded off by 130p when we had to return the Uhaul! Everything was off the truck, and we spent the rest of the evening slowly moving things into the rooms they belonged, and organizing whatever we could. My mom and sister did my kitchen, I achieved most of BabyGirl's room, the guys got all the beds made and ceiling fans up. The night ended up with a much needed shower and CRASHING. Thank goodness LilMan slept!

Sunday started earlier than I would have liked, but thats how it goes for a mom! The kids got up and tested my theory that a 2 level with stairs would be okay about 1,165,564,846 times before 9am. LilMan and I made a trip to Home Depot, Target and Fry's- all 3 miles from home!!!!! WOW! I made my world famous chili and set up more house while LilMan napped and hubby took BabyGirl to Uhaul to return the dolly. We got some of the living room together, a few things hung on the walls, and some little areas of upstairs arranged.

The best part of it all was the short commute to work on Monday! It was AMAZING ALREADY being in town..... not taking 45 minutes to hit the outskirts! Monday was our anniversary too. We were married 02-02-02 at 1pm. Moron..... why didn't I do 2:22pm? I will forever question my antics on that one. But I was not nearly as cool then as I am now, or my colors would have been red and black, the guys would have wore Chuck Taylor's or Vans, my girls would be in black classic pin-up style dresses, all the roses would be deep Merlot red, I would have had a rose in my hair instead of a veil, I probably would have in my signature skully earrings that I cannot live without and my dress would have been red. But I haven't put any thought into that, have I? ;)

So that's been my week(s). Worth the read, probably not. But I owed it to my blog to update!

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Gods Child said...

I am so happy for you guys to be closer and in a new place, with a fresh new start! when everyone is feeling better, Landry and I will visit!!!!