Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, MaggieMoo Designs

I started the dream and plan for my business in November/December 2007. It took some planning, preparing and time to get rolling, but I finally did.

February 10, 2008- I placed the first items into my shop. One year later, and over $4,000 in product sold, I am proud to say I am still rolling along! Economic hardships have caused my sales to slow down dramatically, but I am still creating and supplying people with affordable and stylish alternatives to trendy, expensive products!

And what an honor and blessing I had today. I received a gift that the giver didn't even realize she gave me! I got a random message on Etsy today, from a sweet mom who featured my shop in her blog! What a surprise! Please, take a second to read her entry.

I wanted to say a special note. A thank you to everyone who has purchased from me, supported me, or encouraged me! The fresh ideas, tips and support you have given me is priceless, and I am forever appreciative for it!

And now, to dream of bigger things.... a small retail front. A boutique for unique baby and mommy items with clothes, accessories and necessities from a wide array of crafters and suppliers. Fully equipped with an in-house sewing area, nursing areas for mommy's and play area for kids while momma shops! Ahhhhh, dreams.


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The Hutson Family said...

Awww...glad I could help out!! Thanks for posting my blog post! I hope you sell out! LOL!! Keep up the good work...your business will do great!! And I would love to come to your boutique when you have it up and running. Both sets of my grandparents live in Mesa, AZ. You are not to far from them...

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