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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blame it on me...

We are still waiting to schedule the cardiac cath, and my impatience is growing. I plan on calling this afternoon to find out what the hold up is. Meanwhile, my pediatrician called me to talk over some things. We progressively spoke about how God has his hands over it all, and how everything has a reason. Whatever the reason may be for this, it will be interesting to know. As we spoke, and he mentioned that it could well be that this is just the way she was made, and a normal variant for her. It prompted me to question the Xray she had a year ago. Why wouldn't they have seen it then? Doc told me he never got the final report on that Xray, and immediately requested it. Not 10 minutes later, he called me back. (mind you, this man runs a very busy pediatric office, and is spending his mid-day talking to me) He said the report showed no abnormalities in the size of her heart, which gives us another piece of this puzzle. Obviously, whatever the issue is appeared in the last 13 months. Not that it gives us answers, but it gives us a time frame to work with. Thank God for his ears, and noticing something worth sending us to a cardiologist for. Who knows what would come of the situation in another 13 months?

On another health note, and to not leave out my other little cutie, we took LilMan to get an ultrasound the same day BabyGirl had her cardiologist appointment. Since he was born, he has had this little hard bump on his leg that has progressed to be very visual and significantly larger. Turns out he has what my (amazing) pediatrician assumes is a Lipoma, benign tumor in the fatty layer of his skin. We are being referred to a surgeon to have it removed. This, of course, will wait a while. Not that one child is more important then the other, but because one medical mystery is more important then the other. LilMan's fatty bump is causing him no pain or trouble. It is relatively problem-free, but continues to grow.

And for the sake of divulging EVERYTHING, although the least of all worries, my ovarian cysts are working double time, just growing and having a grand ole time causing me pain. But that is another issue for another decade...

I am obviously the one to pass on these freaky malformations to my kids because of my family history and my own issues. And for this I say to Hubby, I'm sorry.
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