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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amazing Love... the Spaghetti Fundraiser

There really are no words, but my best friend summarized it best when she called it 'Amazing Love'.

We got there a bit early to get all set up, and our family and friends were already hard at work. Tables lined the walls, one area with more sweet and goodies than an army could handle, and another with the most fantastic items to be auctioned off. The sign out front said loud and proud "Gabriella Vega Fundraiser". Before we could get settled in and let the clock hit 5p, there was a line outside as if there was a concert going on! People poured in left and right. Family, friends, coworkers, strangers who saw on the news and firefighters. There was a slim supply of chairs in comparison to the number of people who came to show their love and support. It was like a life reunion, and a fuel-up for our hearts.

3 news interviews and lots of greeting absorbed my attention, and the loving and supportive words every single soul gave me are words I will never forget. Not really many people 'feeling bad' for us, but more so people giving support and prayers. Positive..... it's an infectious tool. It is impossible to walk away from what we did Saturday night without feeling an overwhelming security blanket of love covering us and hope that the future will only hold positive outcomes. We regained hope in community, were reminded of the love people have in their hearts, and was given the opportunity to know we had people who were going to keep Gabriella on their mind everyday.

I think with the recent judgements and my new-found Internet fame (oh my..... how do you do it Matt?), it would only be fuel for the evil to announce the grand total love offering that was given to us Saturday night, but I would love to tell anyone who wants to ask me on the side. The important thing though is that every penny raised will forever be a part of my Gabriella. That heart that is put into my child will have a piece of so many people, whether they donated funds or love. She will be given new life through all who love her. From the quarter the little boy handed to Joyce to help pay for the heart, to the perfect stranger who gave a large sum for my sweet girl, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, and the bottom of Gabriella's new one.... thank you.

My super sweet cousin Joey took pictures and posted them on his Flickr account. Rather than loading them all into Photobucket and posting them here, I figured it would be easiest to just direct you to his Flickr! Please feel free to comment on his work. He did an amazing job capturing the event for me!

More pictures to come this weekend. I have to compile more from my camera and besties camera!

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