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Friday, May 29, 2009

Stanford/ Lucille Packard Called

Just an update......

Wow. I was completely taken off gaurd when my phone rang yesterday evening. After hearing from Loma Linda that morning, more confirmation that they agreed it was irrepairable, I had lost any hope in hearing from Stanford Medical any time soon. Kinda a 'hopeless cause' kind of thing....... Well, I heard from the Cardiologist who heads up the heart failure and cardiomyopathy sector of Stanford Medical right before I left work. He was a very soft spoken man, intelligent as can be even in his 'Hello'. Unfortunately, I have no reports from him as he did not receive her catheter disc with the paperwork so was calling me to reassure m he was looking at her case and was waiting on the disc. But he will be the one to review and the only man who could have any chance of repairing her defect that 40 other doctors have now said was irrepairable. So many concerns come with the idea of repairing..... because it would only repair the bridging, not the cardiomyopathy. They said it 'might' stop the cardiomypoathy from progressing, but no gaurentee. OR if they are unsuccessful, the assistive device she would be on until she received a transplant would have a 50% chance of causing neurological damage. So many questions, so many concerns, so many unknowns, so much waiting.

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