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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Round 2: Winner- Gabriella!

We went today for more testing..... much easier testing at that.

Only a minor snafu threw me off track today but we quickly bounced back. I had not heard back from our nurse to find out what information I needed to retain for myself from this appointment, and was 10 minutes from checking in at the clinic when I called. Our nurse is on vacation, 2 of her assistants were out of the office and another busy. I felt bad, but kinda threw it all onto the receptionist as she was my 5th phone call to talk to someone. I told her I needed to make sure the blood got sent out from Tuesday and find out what I needed from today's appointment. I got so aggravated at the lack of communication I told her something I feel bad about now. I said "You guys do this more frequently that not, and I've never done this before. I need some guidance". It was then she gathered all my information and testing schedule and told me she'd call me right back. And that she did. She called back to verify the blood was sent to Loma Linda (now I just need to call them and make sure they got it) and told me what information to grab from today. She was sweet, and thorough, which put my mind at ease.

2 simple tests today. We had a renal ultrasound, checking kidneys, liver and bladder. We headed over for a chest and tummy X-ray. I got all the results, as well as the MRI results, on a disc and we walked out an hour later, and pain free. I was grateful for today, and feel we accomplished so much. Only an echo and stress test next week and we should be going to SoCal for our intake interview next!!!!!!

I have so much on my plate this week and will be cramming it all into tomorrow, so this will probably be my last blog of this working week. 3 tutus to make, 6 dining room chairs to reupholster for my sister in law, a glider to reupholster for my niece, and some bermuda shorts to make from pants for my mom. That's the kind of busy work I like!

I have one major prayer request for the weekend. My Gabriella is getting so thin. She's lost a pound and a half since June 26, and when you only weighed 38 and a half pounds to start, that's big. Even our old babysitter we went to see today said she looked so skinny, and she does. She's always been such a fantastic eater and now I am short of paying her to eat one meal a day. I have considered Pediasure and other supplement types of drinks, but I can't even get her to drink stuff she LIKES. Even her mood is changing, which I am sure is due to lack of nutrition and energy. Her eyes look a bit sunken and her overall morale is just not of her normal self. She finally ate some dinner last night which was the first good meal she ate since Saturday. And today she ate a decent lunch. Please pray her eating gets better and she gains her normal self back. She knows she needs food to keep her healthy and strong, and that's exactly what we want for her!


The Simmons Family said...

WOW you had a day! My heart breaks when I hear that Gabriella is losing weight. Owen has such a hard time eating more than a few bites. I PRAY that she can eat something so they don't put an NG in her. It's not uncommon, I've even seen teenagers and adults waiting for a heart to need an NG tube for supplemental feeding because they just don't have energy to eat. I'd try Pediasure, milkshakes, high fat foods, ANYTHING you can get in her.

Sounds like you have a lot of projects to work on. Good Luck!

Isn't crazy how quick you pick up on how everything medically is in YOUR hands. I learned early on... persistence and just to do it myself. You're a great mom and Gabriella is lucky to have you.

Have a great weekend.

Teresa said...

Hey, Kristi, Teresa here. I'm so sad to hear about Gabriella's eating and weight. I agree with The Simmons comment about getting her all the fat possible in her body (ice cream and such). Have the doctor recommended anything else besides pediasure?

Sounds like you are still working on your business, aren't you? If so, I have a couple of requests. If not, I won't worry about it.

In my home we pray DAILY for your baby's new heart (Isaac never forgets). And my family, like my Mom, sister, cousins, etc, are also keeping you in their prayers.

Please let me know if there is anything else we can do for any of you guys. I know you have an amazing family support. But we, your brothers and sisters in Christ are also your family.

We love you.

"Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army. For the battle is not yours, but God's". -- 2 Chronicles 20:15