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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well, yesterday was a hefty day.

We were without a car all day Tuesday because my mommy brain left the interior lights on the night before after my grocery run. Wednesday morning, it was either wait for a 230p appointment to replace the battery at the dealership, or bring it in at 730a and hope to be squeezed in before the mornings appointments. I chose to get there early. Paul jumped it for me and I got there at 715a. Got home by 9a.... that was the end of my calm day.

When I got home, I got a call from Phoenix Children's Hospital. We scheduled Gabriella's testing procedures for next week. She will go under general anesthesia on Monday for an hour long MRI. Then Thursday, we will go back for a X-ray of her chest and Ultrasound of her kidneys. Luckily, they have a smaller location in Mesa they can do all of this at, so it prevents us from having to drive into Phoenix. It was relieving to finally get the appointments scheduled, but every call or appointment is just another dose of reality that I have a 'sick child'.

I got ready for the day and we were preparing to leave to run a few errands and get Gabriella's first set of bloodwork done when I got another phone call. This time, it was the Make a Wish Foundation. She called me at the end of last week asking for Gabriella's information, and called yesterday to let me know they spoke to her doctor and she was all set to go with their organization. What a precious lady. I started crying (seems to happen so easily these days. VERY much not like the old me) and she was so sweet to be patient until I could get my act together. I told her I knew Gabriella's situation was qualifying for Make a Wish, but being 'accepted' by them was just another reminder. So we talked a bit about Gabriella, which quickly made me smile again. Her personality? Sassy, smarter than the average bear, girly, prissy. She asked what her interest were. Easy, anything owned by Disney. Hahahaha..... I told her how we go often to DL, and how much Gabriella loves princesses and Mickey Mouse. How she loves dressing up and dancing. I even gave her this blog address to pass on to the volunteers so they can look here and get to know Gabriella better! She looked at the blog while we were on the phone and commented on how beautiful Gabriella is! (of course I agree, I'm biased ♥) So a volunteer through Make a Wish should be contacting me in 6-8 weeks and it looks like Gabriella will have a wish granted! It was a fantastic conversation and I felt so good after!

We ran some errands (the type that used to seem so time consuming before and now are no big deal at all) and took PJ to my mother-in-laws house so we could get the blood draw over with. The doctor ordered some lidocain cream for her arms to use before blood draws. We got the cream on, wrapped her arms up in plastic wrap and headed out to the lab. We showed up at Sonora Quest lab at 220p and I gave them all the paperwork from the doctors with all the tests (clearly) listed on there. A little after 3p, we walked out of the lab, no blood drawn, paperwork back in hand, and me at my emotions end. They spent 45minutes trying to figure out the blood work, making phone calls to ask what tests were to other labs but never once the doctor, and he even made the comment on the phone to someone that "it's not happening. What are they thinking?". And when he called me up to tell me he couldn't run all the tests, I told him to give me the paperwork back and I would go somewhere that knew what they were working with. He commented to me that 'this is DNA testing'. Um, ya think? See that right there, where it says Heart Transplant? Yeah. I was so upset and aggravated. So I got in the car and called our transplant coordinator here. I haven't heard back from her yet, but am looking for some sort of direction as to where to go!

The day ended with a postal worked treating me so terribly that I had to sit in my car for a moment to gather my head. But that's another story, and I'm past it now, so I don't want to rehash it.

So that was yesterday, in a much condensed and watered down version. Had I written it last night, a whole different dimension would have been exposed. I try to tame my jealousy while some moms are busy with swimming and dance classes, music lessons, preparation for the new school year, various summer camps, normal doctor checkups, etc- while I am dealing with charity organizations, invasive medical testing, transplant doctors and uncertainty about what the next week holds.

But, this is my life now. Suck it up and get used to it, Kristi.


The Simmons Family said...

Hey... I left you a voicemail about maybe getting the bloodwork down at PCH east valley. They can run tests through PCH. Since she's getting antibody testing, Owen had to have his sent to the transplant hospital. I actually took him, got his blood drawn at lapcorp, took the blood with me, went to the mail store, sent it via fedex to the transplant hospital. Sucks.

Congrats on the Make-A-Wish Approval.. it's AMAZING what they do. Someday, when Owen is older, he'll qualify. I've seen some amazing wishes come true. Gabriella deserves it!


Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Well, what a crappy day.

I am so sorry, Kristi. I can only imagine how much more real everything is feeling with appointments being made and (attempts at) bloodwork being done. And Make A Wish. My heart aches with you.

rachel w. said...

we are always thinking of you.. why is it when a day isn't working out right things just seem to snowball. Sorry your day sucked.