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Friday, August 21, 2009

Last day to sign up to golf

Last day to sign up for the golf tournament.... Play a round or sponsor a hole! They are giving away a free car for a hole in one, tons of raffle prizes and other little goodies!

It's been a busy few days around our house!! PJ got a case of the cooties and is on antibiotics and eye drops now to help that out. That little trooper wasn't even complaining, yet still had an ear infection. I wonder if anything could hurt that little invincible boy!

Gabriella has been testing out her limits this past week. She's really practicing how to be a pre-teen early, pushing me to the very edge of whats acceptable! With that is her being WAY too active, and I can see her getting super tired and breathless due to it. I think she is finally coming back down to my level now, as today she has been much better.

Today my Godson is hanging out and playing with the kids. Amazingly enough, having 3 kids in the house is easier than 2. PJ and Gabriella pick fights constantly, but with Marko here it has been minimal! I have actually accomplished a lot!

Sorry for the quick post! Off to get more done while I have the chance. Dishes don't do themselves!

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